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Chapter 1922 - Cute?

Chapter 1922: Cute?

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, didn’t you say that you weren’t that good at fortune telling?”

“Not being good at it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it,” Senior White’s clone said calmly. “And I have a unique divination technique.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “I have a set of divination sticks. Let me go and get it.”

The set of divination sticks that True Monarch Eternal Fire was talking about was a set that Fairy Skylark had left at his place when she visited the scholarly faction a very long time ago.

True Monarch Eternal Fire, Skylark, White, Yellow Mountain, and several other members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had been a circle of friends even before the establishment of the group chat.

True Monarch Eternal Fire quickly ran back to his private courtyard, found the set of silver divination sticks in his treasury, and returned—he was afraid that if he took too long to get the divination sticks, Fellow Daoist White and the other fellow daoists would grow tired of waiting, and directly head over to his private courtyard to help him look for the divination sticks. If that were to happen and they saw the messy state that his private courtyard was in, his image would take a huge hit.

After returning quickly, he handed the set of silver divination sticks to White’s clone.

Divination sticks were an instrument often used by fortune tellers, but generally, the sticks that were used by fortune tellers were made from bamboo or wood rather than silver.

Although silver was quite valuable, that was in terms of the mortal world’s money rather than spirit stones.

Song Shuhang and the rest gathered around, wanting to see what was so special about Senior White’s unique divination technique.

Senior White’s clone calmly grabbed the divination sticks, and began chanting something.

If you listened carefully, you would be able to hear him repeating, “Divine the marriage between Zhou Li and Ouyang Yuan.”

After repeating this a few times, Senior White grabbed all of the divination sticks.

And then he held them forward.

Song Shuhang asked, “Do you want me to pick one out?”

Senior White’s clone said, “No, wait for the divination stick to automatically jump out.”

Song Shuhang looked curious.

Wait for the divination stick to automatically jump out? It can jump?

It feels like it would be quite difficult to force a stick to jump on its own.

This is the same as Gao Moumou wanting to lie down and just start automatically typing. It’s very unscientific.

While Song Shuhang was lost in his thoughts, suddenly… the whole room vibrated violently.

Lady Onion grabbed onto Senior Turtle’s shell. “Was that an earthquake?”

True Monarch Eternal Fire quickly explained, “Don’t worry. It should just be from the disciples of the scholarly faction transporting a large immortal cave.”

The relocation of the scholarly faction was already coming to an end, and most of the important things had already been transferred to the world of the golden lotus. Now, the only things that still had to be transferred were the larger or more difficult things to move.

For example, some immortal caves needed to be transferred to the world of the golden lotus. During the process of transportation, it could knock and bump with other things and cause loud rumbling just like the one a few moments ago.

Song Shuhang said, “So that’s how it is.”

At the same time, with a “tink~” sound, a divination stick jumped from Senior White’s hand and fell to the ground.

Was it because of the vibration just now?

Song Shuhang was thoughtful.

Perhaps when Gao Moumou becomes lazy again in the future, I could send Gao Moumou micro-vibrations, during which Gao Moumou’s computer keyboard would move about and have its keys pressed by him, and with that… allow him to type out a string of text!

Gao Moumou would definitely be very happy if such a thing were to happen.


Senior White’s clone bent down calmly, and picked up the divination stick.

On the divination stick, a string of complex divination words were written, and some patterns could be seen as well.

However, Senior White did not look at the words or the patterns.

He looked at the stick, and said, “The ninth stick, Jiaren. Great fortune. Yes, they are a good pair.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire stroked his beard and smiled lightly. “Then I will contact Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain after a while and tell him to set an earlier date for their union.”

This divination stick from Fellow Daoist White could be said to be a blessing in and of itself. With this stick, Zhou Li and Ouyang Yuan’s major life events would likely not face any difficulties.

At the same time, True Monarch Eternal Fire quietly sent Ouyang Yuan a voice transmission to tell her the good news.

“All right, that’s a wrap.” Senior White’s clone kept away the divination sticks.

“Senior White, could you do a divination for me as well?” Song Shuhang pointed to himself.

Senior White’s clone first glanced at Song Shuhang’s eyebrows. “Hm, okay. The space between your eyebrows isn’t dark this time.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“I’ll do a divination for you. What do you want divined?” asked Senior White’s clone.

Song Shuhang said, “Just one on my fortune.”

The scholarly faction was a good place, but it was also the place where he had died the most. Since Senior White was in the mood to divine things, then he felt that he should take advantage of this opportunity to see whether he had good or bad fortune for today.

“Okay.” Senior White grabbed all the divination sticks again, shook them around, opened them like a fan, and then handed them to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang asked curiously, “Huh? Are we not going to wait for the divination stick to jump out on its own?”

Senior White’s clone. ​​”I’m just aiming it toward you. Don’t move.”

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “The divination sticks aren’t going to all shoot out at the same time and pierce through my chest, are they?”

Senior White’s clone calmly said, “If that’s what you want, I can satisfy your wishes.”

“No, no, no, no.” Song Shuhang waved his hands again and again.


At this time, a strong wind suddenly blew.

The wind blew in through the window, and sent all the books, papers, and small items flying everywhere.

Lady Onion clutched onto Senior Turtle’s shell. “Is… Is this another thing caused by the scholarly faction moving house?”

True Monarch Eternal Fire smiled, and said, “No, this time, guests have come.”

At the window, a white crane flapped its wings and settled on the window sill.

It was True Monarch White Crane.

The strong wind just now was the result of the flapping of its wings when it landed.


One of the divination sticks that Senior White had been holding had fallen onto the ground after having been blown by the wind.

This is it!

Song Shuhang hurriedly reached out and picked up the divination stick before handing it to Senior White and waiting for the result.

Senior White’s clone took the divination stick, glanced at it, and replied, “The 41st stick, Wushen. Decent fortune. Not bad, your luck today is not too bad, and you might even have a bit of luck on your side.”

Song Shuhang felt relieved when he heard this. “Haha.”

This at least meant that he would not experience something like dying repeatedly like he did previously, and it even stated that he might have some luck today.

In that case…

I should take advantage of decent luck today and do something with it! I should hurry and finish something!

Perhaps with this fortune, I might even be able to smoothly complete a troublesome matter, and perhaps even gain an unexpected windfall in doing so.

“Senior Eternal Fire.” Song Shuhang was filled with energy. “Let’s go to the world of the golden lotus now and see if there is a way to solve the problem of the Heavenly City Fragments being impossible to transfer into the world of the golden lotus! I feel as if I’m filled to the brim with strength and energy right now. I might be able to solve the troubles of the scholarly faction in one go by taking advantage of my decent luck.”

When True Monarch Eternal Fire saw Song Shuhang filled with energy, he smiled, and said, “Alright, then I will go and make the arrangements right now. Little friend Shuhang, just give me a moment. I will take everyone to the world of the golden lotus in a short while.”

After saying that, True Monarch Eternal Fire waved towards the window. “Fellow Daoist White Crane, why have you come to visit the scholarly faction today?”

“Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire, don’t mind me. You can treat me as if I’m air. I won’t bother you.” True Monarch White Crane waved its wings.

True Monarch Eternal Fire did not mind this. He waved his hand with a smile, and his body turned into a layer of light that shot toward the world of the golden lotus.


Meanwhile, in the void outside the world.

A figure with slender legs stepped out of a spatial gate. A small sun was rolling as it followed behind her, sending a warm light all around it.

The Heavenly Emperor stretched her waist, and said, “It’s almost time.”

In the current scholarly faction, there were also members of the Heavenly City—to be precise, there were some disciples of the scholarly faction who had once been a part of the Heavenly City.

After the last battle for the position of Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, the scholarly faction met with a dire situation and fell apart. The disciples of the scholarly faction were attacked by the demons of the Netherworld, and they nearly collapsed from this.

After a long period of time, the Heavenly Emperor established the Heavenly City to suppress the universe.

The original Heavenly City was all-encompassing. Whether it was Buddhism, Daoism, the scholarly faction, monsters, or demons, as long as they met the conditions, they would all be accepted into the city. Among them, some disciples of the scholarly faction had joined the Ancient Heavenly City.

After the collapse of the Heavenly City, among the descendants of those who were from the scholarly faction, there were those who returned to become disciples of the scholarly faction.

There was nothing wrong with this group of disciples; they were no different from normal scholarly faction disciples.

However, the former Heavenly City was the path of the Heavenly Emperor.

As long as she joined the Heavenly City, the Heavenly Emperor could collect some information from these scholarly faction disciples through her path.

Once she gathered enough of these bits of information, the Heavenly Emperor could easily acquire the information she wanted.

Information involving things such as the Heavenly City Fragments that were hidden inside the scholarly faction, or the world of the golden lotus that the scholarly faction possessed.

The Heavenly Emperor thought to herself, I’ll focus on getting information on the Heavenly City Fragments first.

She had no intention of going head-to-head against the scholarly faction—she merely wanted to take back what was hers.

She still had several things in her possession that the scholarly faction would absolutely not be able to refuse—for example, she had the corpses of some of the fallen Tribulation Transcenders who were among the scholarly faction’s 13 Tribulation Trasnceders. She could use them to exchange for her Heavenly City Fragments.

The Heavenly Emperor adjusted her state, and prepared to open a spatial gate.

But just as she stretched out her hand, she suddenly discovered that the space had been locked.

“It seems that my luck today isn’t bad.” A man’s voice sounded.

From within a shadow, a figure stepped out. He was wearing a sheet and looked particularly forlorn.

The Heavenly Emperor said sweetly, “Senior Almighty Merchant, we meet again.”

“Don’t address me like that. I really can’t take you addressing me as senior.” The Almighty Merchant waved his hand, and said, “I didn’t expect the dignified Heavenly Emperor to be like this…”

The Heavenly Emperor giggled, and said, “Cute?”

“…” The Almighty Merchant.

“The fragments of the Ancient Heavenly City were originally mine.” The Heavenly Emperor stretched out her fingers, and said seriously, “I merely want to retrieve my things.”

The Almighty Merchant said, “Those things, I bought them through regular channels. I bought the fragments from the successors of your Ancient Heavenly City, so those fragments are already mine.”

“How heart-stifling.” The Heavenly Emperor stretched out her hand and placed her hand over her chest. “Those prodigal things. I’m going to kill them.”

“Now, hand over the fragments,” the Almighty Merchant said slowly. “If I were faced with the version of you from the ancient era, I would only be able to consider myself unlucky. But now… my fists are harder.”

“Fists are the hard truth. It seems what you previously told me about business having to be carried out reasonably is nothing but nonsense. In the end, you still depend on your strength.” The Heavenly Emperor raised her arms, and said, “Okay, I admit defeat. Then, I will be giving the three Eastern Spring Pavilion fragments to Fellow Daoist.”

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