Global Descent: 100×Reward

Chapter 459 - Universe Girls Team Terrifying Talent

Chapter 459: Universe Girls Team, Terrifying Talent

Thinking of these unknown factors, Lin Ye shook his head and said, “It’s better for you to return to the Lin Clan’s territory with me. If you’re worried about the safety of the other uncles, I’ll leave an avatar here to protect them. In a few days, the Lin Clan’s territory will expand to cover this map area.”

“When the time comes, you can come over whenever you want.”

The expansion of his territory was a plan that he had long decided on.

After his trip to the Underworld, he now had a top-notch Great City Crystal. What he lacked was just the experience fragments from the bunker.

With the Lonely Forest as the starting point, the Lin Clan’s territory would spread out in all directions.

With the million wyvern army, in a week or two, it would be enough to sweep through all the surrounding factions.

Once they fell into the territory of the Lin Clan.

At that time, he would be an invincible god within his domain.

Anyone who dared to enter the Lin Clan’s territory would not be able to escape his surveillance.

Only then could he be at ease letting his family out.


Lin Jianguo frowned. He understood his son’s concerns and understood.

However, this place was where he had put in his hard work over the past few days, so he could not help but feel reluctant.

“Alright, Old Lin, your son is much more powerful than you. With his avatar guarding this place, this place will definitely be impregnable. We will definitely be more powerful than you after we attack the Four Sacred Halls tonight. Go and gather with your family. There are not many such opportunities.”

Zhang Qing waved his hand with a look of disdain. “It’s just nice that after you’re gone, it’s our turn to brag. Otherwise, all the bragging can only be done by you. Hurry up and leave. You’re annoying me.”

“That’s right, Old Lin. Leave some chances for your old brothers and nephew. Remember to consider my daughter when you get back. I might be your son’s father-in-law in the future.”

“Hehe, Old Zhao, you’re so shameless. If little Lin wants to marry, he’ll definitely marry my daughter. Who can withstand that tigress of yours? My Little Wan is gentle and virtuous. She’s the most suitable wife.”

“Another ten minutes wasted.”

A few minutes later, Lin Ye sighed in the night sky.

The already insufficient time made things worse.

“Beibei, your Uncle Zhao’s daughter is indeed pretty. Look…”

Lin Jianguo stood curiously in the Great Light Domain as he smiled.

However, before he finished speaking.

“Life—10 years!”

Lin Ye pouted and a beam of sword aura exploded from his fingertip.


The air exploded, and the speed of the entire Great Light Domain increased drastically. It was extremely fast, forcefully suppressing Lin Jianguo’s words.

Time: 11:52 PM

Coordinates: Storm Corner (81,654,2315)

“We’re here!”

In the sky above a brightly lit tribe.

Lin Ye was speechless when his divine sense swept across it.

Similarly, Lin Jianguo and Zhang Cuiling also saw the situation.

“Oh my god, this is Little Wei’s territory? No way, it’s so big???”

Lin Jianguo was shocked.

He thought that his Veterans Alliance was super strong. Other than his son’s Lin Clan, none of his family members should be able to compare to them.

On Lin Wei’s side, even with Lin Ye’s resources, she was at most similar to him.

But who would have thought that his daughter would completely crush his bunker?

From the looks of it, she had long entered the tribal era and her level was not low.

“Beibei, did we come to the wrong place? Your sister can’t be so powerful,” Lin Jianguo said suspiciously.

“Dad, you might have a misunderstanding about Little Wei. It should be here. If you don’t believe me, look.”

As he spoke, Lin Ye pointed at the war flag below his territory.


Zhang Cuiling and Lin Jianguo looked over.

In front of the tallest landmark in the territory was a huge war flag that was more than ten meters tall.m

In the middle was a tall and exquisite-looking girl wearing a 2D costume.

A few large golden words were written on the side: Universe Girls Team!

“~( ̄0 ̄)/”


Seeing this, Zhang Cuiling and Lin Jianguo sweated.

With such a smug appearance and that familiar portrait, the two of them would recognize it even if it turned to dust.

That’s right, it was their daughter, Lin Wei.


Afterall, she was still their daughter.

Zhang Cuiling coughed lightly and smiled. “I didn’t expect Little Wei to be so powerful. She’s even more powerful than her father.”

“No matter how powerful the siblings are, they’re still my children.”

Lin Jianguo’s eyes widened and he quickly changed the topic. He looked at Lin Ye and said, “Beibei, now that you have found your sister, let’s bring her to leave quickly and let me see your Lin Clan. No matter what, I can be said to be the founder of the Lin Clan now.”

“Mm, I found her, but…”

Lin Ye’s gaze turned to the direction ten thousand meters away from the tribe. His eyes flickered with a strange light, and his expression revealed a wisp of shock.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to Little Wei?” Seeing that his expression was off, her mother, Zhang Cuiling, hurriedly asked.

“No, it’s a good thing. Little Wei seems to have awakened an extraordinary talent.” Lin Ye sighed.

Ever since he descended to this world, he had never seen anyone with a talent close to his.

He knew of Zhang Liang’s Hint talent, Xu Yuan’s Luck Plunder talent, Zhang Chao’s Listening Ear talent, Bai Yitong’s Revision talent, Lin Hai’s God’s Defense talent, and other top talents with great potential.

Even though each of them was powerful and practical.

However, compared to the 100xReward, there was still a huge difference.

And now, he felt a terrifying aura similar to that of Lin Wei.

Of course, he could not confirm it yet. Even Hint had lost its effect.

Conservatively speaking, it was definitely a talent at the highest level.

“I see. You scared me.” Zhang Cuiling heaved a sigh of relief. She followed Lin Ye’s gaze and continued, “Is Little Wei there? It’s so late at night. Why did a girl like her run so far away?”


Lin Ye was speechless. The scene was too terrifying.

Could you imagine a delicate and beautiful girl wearing a beautiful soldier costume.

Carrying a 40-meter-long saber and chasing after a group of men in the middle of the night?

That strange scene…

Tsk tsk, just the thought of it made him shudder.

Fortunately, his sister’s combat power was impressive. In less than ten seconds, she killed all the enemies.

Then, she snorted and walked back with her saber while humming a song.

Along the way, a large number of people were transporting supplies.

“My lord, there’s a sun monster above our territory. It’s too strange. We don’t dare to move!”

Suddenly, a subordinate crawled out from the ground and reported to Lin Wei.

“What’s this? A solar monster? I have one too?”

Lin Wei looked up and indeed saw a ball of light in the sky above her territory. It was especially conspicuous under the night sky.

She narrowed her eyes and rolled her eyes suspiciously.

Just now, her father had also said in the chat that a sun monster had come looking for him.

In less than ten minutes, it appeared at her side as well.

However, there was no response from the World Channel or the Nine Provinces Channel.

“Looks like it’s here for my Lin family. Don’t tell me that it is an expert from the Underworld that my stupid brother provoked?”

“Mm, that should be it. I’ve lost contact with the family channel. Looks like they’ve all been captured by this sun monster.”

“This guy is very strong. My brother is a Class 9 expert after all, the number one in the world, but he actually can’t defeat him.”

“Looks like it will have to be me, Lin Wei, the invincible beauty of the universe who performs the feat.”

“How lonely. I’ve been hiding for so many days. Forget it, tonight is the day I leave the mountain!”

After muttering to herself, a sharp glint flashed across Lin Wei’s eyes as her saber flashed.


The 40-meter-long saber appeared again.

Energy exploded around her, and countless beams of light rose from under her feet, making her look like a legendary female warrior.

She walked in the air and shouted at the sun in the distance.

“Tsk, little sun monster, eat my blade!”

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