Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 295 - 100 000 Water Soldiers

Chapter 295: 100,000 Water Soldiers

Luohe City seemed to have returned to its original hustle and bustle. The young masters of the various families had already concealed their true identities and traces.

Everyone returned to their original lives.

However, the topic tonight was naturally related to what had happened not long ago. In fact, many people had yet to calm down.

Of course, they addressed Li Yu as Great Immortal Mi Lu, and his identity and background filled many people with curiosity.

As for some men who were infatuated with Fairy Luo He, they could only seek comfort from the girls in the brothels.

Although those women’s bodies were left here, their souls had already left with Li Yu.

In a residence in the ancient city, a few figures in golden masks stood in a pavilion. They looked at the distant Luo River and said, “It’s been 180,000 years. Master has finally found a suitable candidate!”

“After tonight, our Master can be truly resurrected!”

“Prepare to welcome your master!”

“The myriad worlds will welcome their new master!”

In the teahouse, an old man sat in front of the tea table and sipped his tea. He looked at the bustling crowd outside the door with a smile and said, “It’s almost time to leave!”

On the bank of the Luo River, many people were still lingering there, unwilling to leave. Although they could no longer see the pleasure boat, their hearts seemed to still be on it.

Jiang Taiping, who had previously wanted to cross the river by force, sat beside the stone tablet and hesitated.

After all, he had just witnessed the fall of the Great Saint Ao Zhan from the Dragon King Hall, and he was somewhat afraid.

However, the world on the other side of the river still attracted him.

He once thought that Fairy Luo He might live in the world on the other side of the river. That might be the ruins of the Ancient Immortal Realm’s Heavenly Court. This Luo River should be the Heavenly River of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Therefore, there must be endless opportunities waiting to be discovered there.

After a long silence, Jiang Taiping stood up and decided to try crossing the river.

However, right at this moment, with a loud bang, a monstrous wave surged over from the Luo River and rolled towards the shore.

Figures could be vaguely seen in the huge wave, and Ao Zhan, who had fallen into the river earlier, was among them. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws as if he wanted to rush out of the river.

Upon seeing this, the expressions of Jiang Taiping and the others on the shore changed as they quickly retreated to dodge.

However, the moment the giant wave reached the shore, it suddenly seemed to have hit a transparent barrier and dissipated with a bang. It was then sucked back into the Luo River by an invisible force.

“What happened?!”

“What’s going on?” Everyone was shocked. This was the first time they had seen such a strange phenomenon in the Luo River.

In the Luo River, Dijun, who had transformed from magic power and soul essence, looked at Li Yu in horror. The shadow of death seemed to envelop his entire body.

He did not expect Li Yu to notice his scheme, nor did he expect Li Yu to be so powerful.

That strike just now was probably something he could withstand at his peak.

Not to mention that he only had his Essence Soul and soul essence left. If not for the supreme defense of the ancient Divine Artifact, the Luo River Diagram, that strike would have already destroyed his Essence Soul.

As the first Heavenly Emperor of the ancient demon race, he had never been afraid of anyone.

Even when facing those Ancestral Magi, he had never felt satisfied.

However, fear arose in him when he faced Li Yu.

Especially that terrifying strike just now, it made him despair.

He had hidden in the Luo River for countless years before recovering his Essence Soul. He had finally found a suitable body and thought that he could be reborn today.

He did not expect death to come.

“Who is this person?” Dijun exclaimed in his heart.

He could not understand how such a powerful existence like the Creation God could be born in this shattered world and in this era with weak Dao energy.

“To think that I didn’t kill you with a single strike!” Li Yu grunted coldly as he slashed down again.

“No!” Seeing Li Yu slash down again, Dijun’s expression changed drastically. Powerful magic power instantly poured out. At the same time, water dragons rushed out of the water walls on both sides, wanting to block Li Yu’s sword might.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Under Li Yu’s sword, the water dragons seemed to have touched a red-hot iron plate as they instantly transformed into mist that dissipated.

As for Dijun, who wanted to escape, his body instantly collapsed. His Essence Soul let out an unwilling roar before turning into ashes.

“Ding… collected Dijun’s soul essence!” The system’s voice sounded.

At the same time, a ball of soul essence flew out automatically and landed in Li Yu’s hand.

The moment Dijun’s Essence Soul was ferried by Li Yu’s sword,

Fairy Luo He, who was on the boat with a thin veil covering her chest, suddenly trembled as if some sort of power had broken free from its shackles.

She moaned softly. Golden light flashed across her smooth skin as countless memories surfaced. Her eyes brightened as she frowned slightly.

In an instant, she finally remembered everything, and a faint smile surfaced on her face.

With a thought, the turbulent water surface instantly calmed down.

She stood up and waved her hand. The clothes beside her attached to her body again, and she was dressed neatly.

However, the blood in her body had not calmed down. Li Yu’s warmth and touch seemed to remain on her body. She touched her red lips with her fingers, and the scene and feeling from before could not help but flash through her mind, mesmerizing her.


The boat sank slightly as Li Yu returned to the pleasure boat.

“Young Master Li!” Fairy Luo He beamed and immediately went forward to welcome him. She bowed slightly and said with a sweet smile, “Welcome back, Young Master Li!”

“Dijun is already dead!” Li Yu replied.

“Luoluo already knows. Young Master, you didn’t disappoint me after all. The Luo River Diagram is now under my control again!” Fairy Luo He said with a smile.

“Luo River Diagram?” Li Yu’s brows raised. It seemed that this Luo River was indeed formed from a magic treasure.

“Yes, this Luo River is formed from a magic treasure! I was originally the artifact spirit of the Luo River Diagram, and this body is the body of my original master, Luoshen.

“Back then, my master died in a calamity, leaving only his soul and body behind. I kept them in the Luo River and preserved them. Later on, Dijun’s Essence Soul controlled the Luo River Diagram. He fused my body with my master’s and sealed my past memories, resulting in the current Luoluo and what happened after that!” Fairy Luo He told Li Yu everything.

“I see!” Li Yu understood.

“Now that the Luo River is under my control again, those people who were swallowed by the Luo River and refined into the Luo River Diagram can already be controlled by me. Of course, they will also be controlled by my future master!” Fairy Luo He introduced the functions of the Luo River Diagram to Li Yu in detail.

The Luo River Diagram was an incomparably powerful ancient magic treasure. It was also a Divine Artifact that possessed both offensive and defensive capabilities. It could even devour the enemy and refine them into the Luo River’s puppets.

Over the years, there were already 100,000 water soldiers in the Luo River Diagram.

“100,000 water soldiers!”

Li Yu’s eyes flashed.

The Luo River Diagram was about to defy the heavens. With 100,000 water soldiers, it could simply destroy the heavens, the earth, the air, and the world.

“It’s a pity that Luoluo is only an artifact spirit after all. After it acknowledges me as its master, I can only leave the Luo River completely after my master releases or summons me!” said Fairy Luo He.

“Oh, then how can I make this Luo River Diagram recognize me as its master?” Li Yu’s eyes brightened. He wanted such an awesome Divine Artifact too.

“In the past, I only needed blood essence. Now that I have a physical body, so…” A hint of red suddenly surfaced on Fairy Luo He’s face as she lowered her head shyly. After hesitating for a moment, she stammered, “So I don’t need blood, as long as…”

Before Luo He could finish her sentence, she turned around.

‘I don’t need blood, just…’

Li Yu raised his brows as if he understood the meaning of this sentence, and a gentlemanly smile instantly surfaced on his face.

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